Sunday, October 2, 2011

Evangeline Lilly aka Kate from LOST is back!

I am a huge LOST fan. Even after that immensely disappointing series finale that did not answer enough questions, like the full story of that damned broken statue, I still hold it in high regard as one of the best TV shows I've ever seen and compare all other current favorites with it. I also have a bad habit of using too many run on sentences. Truth is LOST had an extremely unique way of storytelling that completely drew you in, and the series finale left a TV void that I have yet to fill. No matter how many mind numbing reality shows I watch, my heart is still left yearning. I still get excited when I see shows with actors that I first saw on LOST which is the reason why I started watching Vampire Diaries (starring Ian Somerhalder aka Boone, but no longer do since the entire cast's acting is just terrible) or was excited when I saw that one dude (former State's Attorney) whose name I forgot on The Good Wife (which rocks by the way, watch it, awesome show). So imagine my excitement when I discovered Evangeline Lilly will be in The Hobbit. Pure glee! This movie has the potential to be amazing. Plus I am a fan of Evangeline's. 1) Her name is fantastic. 2) She comes across as very interesting and bs free in interviews. 3) Even though this is not a reason to like someone she is pretty without makeup and completely gorgeous with! 4) She just seems like a normal cool girl.

Now I'm sounding like I have an unhealthy love for a complete stranger. It is just a fan's appreciation. I just overthink and overshare. Don't be skurred.

Source: Starpulse

I was trying to find an interview of EL's where she talked about how she got into acting and how she always used to play characters in her actual life before she considered it as a career but I've spent 15 mins searching for it and I am admitting defeat. I'll post it later if I ever come across it. Here's a vid combining two of my love's Jimmy Fallon and LOST:

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