Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorite Jersey Shore moment with JWOWW

Back when I used to watch Jersey Shore, JWOWW was the most likeable out of the rest of the dumbasses. She is loyal as hell and will have your back when you're in a messy situation. I've done the same for friends, but have yet to find my own JWOWW.

One of my fave JWOWW moments is when she gets into it with Angelina and says, "You wanna get your ass beat, you'll get your ass beat. You can stay get your ass beat. You can stay get your fucking ass beat. You can stay get your fucking ass beat. Plain and simple." Hilarious times. You know your friend cares for you when she goes up to the person you're having a fight with starts cussing at her and moving like an aggressive pigeon.

The wonderment starts at 55 seconds. Check it out.

Ronnie's Dancing on the Jersey Shore

I, like many misguided individuals, was a fan of the Jersey Shore. In the first season, they used to be fun-loving, endearing morons, who lived to drink and party. Then as the seasons went on and more conflicts arose between the cast members, we learned how misogynistic, prejudiced, ignorant and ugly their personalities really are. Never mind how their subsequent fame has validated their opinions, I just could not look at the show the same way again. I kept watching hoping they would somehow redeem themselves (I don't know why I cared so much), but they just became bigger assholes and bad people overall. Who am I really to judge them on who they are? But I did stop watching the show a few weeks ago, I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Moving onto a lighter note, the cast's dancing was one of the most entertaining/amusing parts of the show. What the hell is going on? The dancing definitely made me think twice about what I look like when I'm out dancing. I'm sure I look like even more of an asshole. Thankfully, there are no video clips of me dancing on my nights out whilst being under the influence. And thankfully, I've never seen anyone dancing like that whenever I've gone out. I would evacuate that dance floor quick.

Here's a clip of Ronnie dancing back in season 1. I'm at a loss for words so I quote Chandler Bing, "His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"

Since I can't embed that clip, here's one of some chick impersonating Ron's dance moves. She's not as flappy but I appreciate anyone who has good attitude about acting like an idiot.

And a clip of two dudes going all out with the Jersey Shore dance moves. This clip warrants a smiley face. :)

Shout out to IBBB and his hilarious Jersey Shore recaps. I still enjoy reading his recaps, despite not watching the show anymore, and hate myself for watching the show in the first place.

Evangeline Lilly aka Kate from LOST is back!

I am a huge LOST fan. Even after that immensely disappointing series finale that did not answer enough questions, like the full story of that damned broken statue, I still hold it in high regard as one of the best TV shows I've ever seen and compare all other current favorites with it. I also have a bad habit of using too many run on sentences. Truth is LOST had an extremely unique way of storytelling that completely drew you in, and the series finale left a TV void that I have yet to fill. No matter how many mind numbing reality shows I watch, my heart is still left yearning. I still get excited when I see shows with actors that I first saw on LOST which is the reason why I started watching Vampire Diaries (starring Ian Somerhalder aka Boone, but no longer do since the entire cast's acting is just terrible) or was excited when I saw that one dude (former State's Attorney) whose name I forgot on The Good Wife (which rocks by the way, watch it, awesome show). So imagine my excitement when I discovered Evangeline Lilly will be in The Hobbit. Pure glee! This movie has the potential to be amazing. Plus I am a fan of Evangeline's. 1) Her name is fantastic. 2) She comes across as very interesting and bs free in interviews. 3) Even though this is not a reason to like someone she is pretty without makeup and completely gorgeous with! 4) She just seems like a normal cool girl.

Now I'm sounding like I have an unhealthy love for a complete stranger. It is just a fan's appreciation. I just overthink and overshare. Don't be skurred.

Source: Starpulse

I was trying to find an interview of EL's where she talked about how she got into acting and how she always used to play characters in her actual life before she considered it as a career but I've spent 15 mins searching for it and I am admitting defeat. I'll post it later if I ever come across it. Here's a vid combining two of my love's Jimmy Fallon and LOST:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridesmaids sucked - Bonus fight scene does too

I know I'm in the minority when I say this, but Bridesmaids just did not do it for me. After hearing all the hype surrounding the movie, I saw it in theaters, sat through that revolting bridal shop scene, waited for the movie to become funny again after the airplane scene. It just didn't happen. I gave it another chance, mainly too see this piece of eye candy again...

... and maybe I thought I didn't like it because I could've been in a bad mood. Still thought it sucked. Thanks for leading me astray biased media reports. Even Rotten Tomatoes has Bridesmaids at 90%. I agree there were funny parts, but it did not have the makings of a good movie to me. I mean 90%? What am I missing here? I'd honestly love to know because I loved the casting choices, well except that cop, I just felt the script was weak.

And today I come across a bonus clip on the Bridesmaid's DVD. I could only get through 3 minutes of it. Is this funny?

I'm done giving this movie a chance! Gotta watch some reruns of Happy Endings and learn how to laugh again.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brilliant Real Housewives of New York Parody

I anxiously await the day when the talk of Bravo's recent firings of the New York housewives will cease so I will no longer be blindsided by photos of Alex braless. Who's gonna comfort me? Santa?

As a tribute to the entertaining disaster the show was, I'm posting a hilarious parody of RHONY I found on YouTube. I hope the new housewives are even crazier than these lunatics. The bar's pretty high.


Exactly how I've been feeling all day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Farewell Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon (and Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop I guess)

In honor of Jill Zarin being let go from the Real Housewives of New York City, I'm posting a video of my fave snarky Jill moment from Season 3, back when her negativity was humorous and not cringeworthy.

Ramona did look like an idiot. And Jill had the decency to turn her head to the side and cover her mouth before laughing at Ramona. She is quite the lady. Elegance is learned my friends. Take notes.

Alex and Simon were my least favorite, so I'm glad to see them go. Always trying to start boring inauthentic drama. Kelly was at her best when she was reacting to Alex or Simon's behavior, so with those two gone, it makes sense that she's gone as well. Leading me into one of the best Kelly-Alex-Luann scenes from Season 4 -

Alex's ridiculous behavior that got surely her fired:

Is that a buffalo coming down the stairs? I mean did Alex really think it was appropriate to interrupt a henna session? What's the matter with her? If a grown woman's only response to questions is exhaling forcefully, turning red or making odd faces, it's time to go or time to go back into the cabinet she came out of. She has the worst manners! Out of the show!

Take away the bug eyes and you realize how annoying Ramona Singer's voice is

I was listening to my second favorite Real Housewives podcast Housewife Hoedown (#1 is Real Housewives of New Jersey AfterBuzz TV AfterShow ) last night and when I heard Ramona Singer's annoying voice coming through my earphones talking about Bravo's firings for the New York cast, I thought it was for real! Turns out it was just an amazing impression done by Amy Phillips.

Check it out. It's not as uncomfortable as watching the actual Ramona, since her eyes don't look like they're about to pop out of her head. However, her voice is just as annoying. Ugh, if only Bravo fired Ramona too.

Taylor Armstrong Ciroc commercial!

How random is this? Taylor Armstrong as a spokeswoman, I mean Ciroc Star, for Ciroc vodka. It was posted a little over a month ago and it's only gotten 224 views, so I'm guessing she didn't get paid very much. Plus the video's terrible. Here's hoping she doesn't start hawking it during this season of RHOBH a la Ramona pinot grigio.

Now for an entertaining Ciroc ad with Diddy...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh honey. What's that all about?

In this last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, didn't the top that Lisa Vanderpump wore to dinner at Camille's house seem like it was taken from Karen's wardrobe on Will and Grace?

Once I saw that I started daydreaming of the fabulous and witty Lisa also becoming an alcoholic and Sean Hayes coming onto the cast as her hot gay sidekick. With Cedric gone, there's a hot shirtless bod void that needs to be filled and Mauricio ain't cuttin it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So glad Entourage is over!

I never understood the obsessive fans of Entourage. I remember it being called the guys version of Sex and the City. There is no comparison aside from both of the shows being filled with sex! The writers on SATC were really talented. Some of the jokes and puns were annoying, but overall the plots of the episodes and character developments. Plus the show was visually engaging, with beautiful shots of Manhattan and interesting fashion choices. Entourage didn't have any of that! The last three seasons of the show SUCKED! The writers totally gave up. Yet I kept watching because one of my friends loved it so I kept giving it a chance, all the while hoping it would get better. Kinda the same reason I kept watching the stupidity-filled Jersey Shore, but gave up after the watching the episode two weeks ago.

Back to Entourage, I could never wrap my head around Vinny being a lusted after Hollywood actor. I never found him attractive, didn't really have a hot body, especially one that would warrant him getting the lead in a superhero film, but his worst quality was his terrible acting! Maybe if they had had a hotter lead actor who could actually act I wouldn't be writing this post now. Like Josh Duhamel. He is damn fine and clearly has no issue with shitty storylines (Transformers). Seriously, what is with Vince marrying the reporter chick after one date? And E and Sloane getting back together? After he sleeps with her stepmom? So stupid.

While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post on Best Week Ever that summed up how I felt about the show and it's finale. Check it out. And they're making an Entourage movie apparently. No way I'll be watching that, unless they cast some hot men. With hot bodies. Then maybe I'll find a copy online.

Monday, September 19, 2011

'Te Amo' - who sang it better?

I fell in love with this song when I first heard Rihanna's version, come to find the writer of the song, James Fauntleroy, also sang the entire track. James expresses more emotion in his voice, so I'm leaning towards liking his version more than Rihanna's.

As for Rihanna's video, both women look hot but I couldn't take the video seriously. What's with all the shots of one of the them writhing around facing away from each other? How about writhing at each other while dancing? Hot?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Remember when..

Lindsay Lohan had a music career and she had some awesome songs on the radio?

Bring it back girl.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Duh and/or Hello!

So I've been watching some episodes of the past season of the Bachelor and I've gotten up to the episode where they go on their hometown dates. Some of these women are incredibly overly-emotional, whiny and insecure. Most women that get eliminated cry during their exit interviews, even women that are eliminated during the first week! I mean come on, you barely know the guy! Granted these women are place in an uncomfortable, tense and unique dating situation. They're cut off from the world for the most part and most topics of conversation are the Bachelor. And because this guy is physically attractive and a good guy who actually talks about his emotions and is contractually prohibited from trying to get into your pants right away, so many women just build up this fantasy of who this guy is without getting to know him and fall in love with the fantasy and not the actual man he is. Constant boozing and being forced to live with a handful of passive-aggressive bitchy women definitely adds to the insanity. The filming of the entire season last only about a month and half, so most of these women only spend a couple of weeks with the guy. Granted you go on these amazing dates straight out of a movie or a dream which make it that much easier to get wrapped up in this fairytale like romance, but I would like to think a level-headed women would be able to keep her composure when a guy you've only know for a few weeks tells you it's not working out after a few weeks. Maybe level-headed women are not cast on this show. Or maybe all level-headedness goes out the window after that hot bod and those blue eyes.

And another thing, why is the Bachelor/Bachelorette always caucasian? Can we get some diversity on these shows? It'd make the show more interesting.

Moving onto the women in the house, WTF is up with Michelle? She has some funny moments but was generally just annoying. But so is the girl she has the rivalry with in the house, whatshername, Chantal. AND WOW! So is Ashley! What's is up with this girl? She definitely drank way too much on the show which probably led to her whining, insecurities, and making all those faces. Wow. I saw her season of the Bachelorette and she was actually a likeable girl. I mean aside from her crying on one of the episodes saying how one of her biggest fears was that the guys wouldn't be into her because they would have wanted Emily or one of the other girls. Ridiculous. Own you girl! Be proud of who you is! Her and her boo are totally adorable together so I guess it all worked out!

Michelle was completely different on the Bachelor Pad, too. I guess living with girls who're after the affection of the same guy you're interested is disastrous to your personality. I'm guessing the same personality turnover happened with Ali on her season of the Bachelorette, although I found her to be so irritating and bitchy on Jake's season, I saw no reason to watch her season of the Bachelorette. Bleh. I prefer annoying over bitchy any day.

It's no wonder Brad wound up choosing Emily. She doesn't cry about being insecure due to him having feelings for the other girls. Neither does the other Chantel (the one that kinda looks like Hilary Swank). They get it. They're understanding. I hope Chantel makes it to the final two. It would make watching the remaining episodes a lot easier. As if anyone's forcing me to watch this. Sometimes I annoy myself.

A different show that I've recently started watching is Archer. Hilarious so far. It has the charm of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with morons yelling hilarious and/or ignorant things most of the time. Plus Archer is hot, even though he is a cartoon, his body is hot! Plus Aisha Tyler is one of the voices on the show and she's awesome.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a great way to start the day!

Guess what? I found the twitter account of my beloved New York AKA the fabulous @TIFFANYPOLLARD, Apparently her tweets are protected so I'm waiting to get approved so I can start following her potentially glorious tweets. I just hope they're more entertaining that the tweets of my ex-fave loudmouthed woman, Mrs. Nene Leakes. All her tweets were self-promotion - makes sense but boring.

I'm waiting on the edge of my keyboard! If you wanna check out some pictures of Miss Tiffany, the last time she stepped out was at VH1's Saddle Ranch's premiere party back in April. Her looks more toned down and she looks like a nice pretty girl. Don't let your eyes deceive you! Can't take my eyes off that pretty necklace though. Missing from the shots is her (ex?) lover Tailor Made. Don't tell me that was a match made for TV only.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After Bachelor Pad's Season 2 Finale

Just to warn you, this post is all over the place. Still gotta get around to working on the blog's template.

Another group of reality series I've gotten into are the monstrous productions of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. I'd only seen Jake's season of the Bachelor, which was a tame and enjoyable reality dating show compared to other dating shows I'd seen like Flavor of Love and my personal favorite, I love New York. Oh my, I really did love New York. She was hilarious. Whatever happened to her? My internet's being a real POS otherwise I would've included some images of my fave diva. Whateva. Do a Google search. She used to rock this gorgeous olive eyeshadow. I'm gonna have to do some research and follow up on my girl. Getting back to the Bachelor, I actually liked Jake and Vienna, individually and as a couple. I never saw the reasons why the other girls bitched about Vienna. She seemed real to me. Then after the show, they broke up, disaster ensued in the media and then earlier this summer come to live under the same roof for our viewing pleasure in season 2 of the Bachelor Pad.

Honestly, they were the only reason I tuned in. Butttt, the male eye candy is the reason I kept watching. Especially William Holman. Hot DAYUM! I found him so attractive I went and searched for the season of the Bachelorette he was on. And I ended up watching the entire season, obvi. How could I resist all those grown men under one roof, ready for a serious relationship, suited up and sexified. Mm mm. Honestly, this may sound a little pathetic, but it just confirmed that there are decent guys out there, even though I've only been interacting with clowns lately. Back to William, a sexier Josh Lucas. Man was his exit interview so emotional and heartbreaking. Jeez. Emotions run high and heavy on these shows, and unlike the castmembers on Bravo, VH1 or MTV, I found the contestants on the Bachelorette to generally, be more mature (excluding Bentley but let's forget about that fool) so you really feel for these guys. Now I'm thinking about watching Brad's season of the Bachelor. From what I've seen, he seems like a hot guy with a hot bod. I'll watch nearly everything meeting that criteria. Why else do you think I watched Vampire Diaries for nearly two seasons? Sexy eyes Ian Somerhalder, that's why. Alas, the terrible acting on that show overcame my desire for him and I've moved on.

Hottie #2 from Bachelor Pad was Graham. Those blue eyes? Ooh wee. I did some snooping around on him and came across his clothing website, 46NYC. The icon for the site has the numbers 46 and then FOR SIX right underneath it. Why not FOUR SIX? Is there a reason for this or is it just a terrible typo? If you saw Bachelor Pad's season finale, you came to know that Michelle Money's father passed away from colon cancer. Now 46NYC has a t-shirt available created in remembrance of her father, with part of the proceeds going to a foundation created in his name. Which brings me to the reason behind this post, on the t-shirt page, there's a picture of Michelle. Check it out. Now it's sad that her father passed away, and good for her for starting a foundation for cancer research and all that, but am I the only one who finds this picture to be inappropriate? Not only are her accessories a mismatched disaster, why would she choose plunging neckline top that she would have to go braless for that also SHOWS HER NIPS? Kind of awkward =/ Basic photo retouching could've removed that, even I have those photo editing abilities. It just seems to be a strange choice of attire for this particular cause, and somewhat unlike what I've seen of her before. She was always well-dressed on the Bachelor Pad. Maybe she doesn't care. Good for her! It's definitely something many females are self-conscious about, so it popped out at me.

My eyes be deceiving me! No mo' Juicy Joe?

What's going on everybody? This is my first blog and even though I have terrible writing skills, I'll be pouring my thoughts onto here in an attempt to clear my mind and possibly even connect with others who share my shallow interests. Of course, I could just talk my friends' ears off but how much bitchin' can I expect my friends to take? I love reality TV, especially Bravo's Real Housewives series, pop culture, movies, TV, entertainment news.. you get the point. Anyway, what do you care? Time to move on to what really matters!

Anyone else catch the In Touch weekly from a few days ago with The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa and Joe Giudice on the cover? The magazine has pictures from their second wedding which I saw on one of my fave blogs, Reality Tea. I was browsing through the pictures and had to do a double take after seeing the shirtless picture of Juicy Joe. At first I thought, "Where'd that belly go? He's not so juicy no mo!" He's a walking ad for Skinny Italian. But on second glance, the photo seemed so obviously retouched. I mean you can see his pant's waistline sagging down. It just so bizarre. Why include the shirtless picture at all? Must be the same reasoning behind why Teresa's gotten so many cover stories for their magazine. America will read bs about anyone, especially if that person is completely cray-cray!

Side note: I wish we could see more of Tre and Joe's daughter, Gabriella. She is adorable and we haven't really seen much of her aside from her creepin in doorways when Milania's throwing tantrums. I guess she doesn't scream as much as the other kids.