Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ronnie's Dancing on the Jersey Shore

I, like many misguided individuals, was a fan of the Jersey Shore. In the first season, they used to be fun-loving, endearing morons, who lived to drink and party. Then as the seasons went on and more conflicts arose between the cast members, we learned how misogynistic, prejudiced, ignorant and ugly their personalities really are. Never mind how their subsequent fame has validated their opinions, I just could not look at the show the same way again. I kept watching hoping they would somehow redeem themselves (I don't know why I cared so much), but they just became bigger assholes and bad people overall. Who am I really to judge them on who they are? But I did stop watching the show a few weeks ago, I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Moving onto a lighter note, the cast's dancing was one of the most entertaining/amusing parts of the show. What the hell is going on? The dancing definitely made me think twice about what I look like when I'm out dancing. I'm sure I look like even more of an asshole. Thankfully, there are no video clips of me dancing on my nights out whilst being under the influence. And thankfully, I've never seen anyone dancing like that whenever I've gone out. I would evacuate that dance floor quick.

Here's a clip of Ronnie dancing back in season 1. I'm at a loss for words so I quote Chandler Bing, "His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"

Since I can't embed that clip, here's one of some chick impersonating Ron's dance moves. She's not as flappy but I appreciate anyone who has good attitude about acting like an idiot.

And a clip of two dudes going all out with the Jersey Shore dance moves. This clip warrants a smiley face. :)

Shout out to IBBB and his hilarious Jersey Shore recaps. I still enjoy reading his recaps, despite not watching the show anymore, and hate myself for watching the show in the first place.

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