Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So glad Entourage is over!

I never understood the obsessive fans of Entourage. I remember it being called the guys version of Sex and the City. There is no comparison aside from both of the shows being filled with sex! The writers on SATC were really talented. Some of the jokes and puns were annoying, but overall the plots of the episodes and character developments. Plus the show was visually engaging, with beautiful shots of Manhattan and interesting fashion choices. Entourage didn't have any of that! The last three seasons of the show SUCKED! The writers totally gave up. Yet I kept watching because one of my friends loved it so I kept giving it a chance, all the while hoping it would get better. Kinda the same reason I kept watching the stupidity-filled Jersey Shore, but gave up after the watching the episode two weeks ago.

Back to Entourage, I could never wrap my head around Vinny being a lusted after Hollywood actor. I never found him attractive, didn't really have a hot body, especially one that would warrant him getting the lead in a superhero film, but his worst quality was his terrible acting! Maybe if they had had a hotter lead actor who could actually act I wouldn't be writing this post now. Like Josh Duhamel. He is damn fine and clearly has no issue with shitty storylines (Transformers). Seriously, what is with Vince marrying the reporter chick after one date? And E and Sloane getting back together? After he sleeps with her stepmom? So stupid.

While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post on Best Week Ever that summed up how I felt about the show and it's finale. Check it out. And they're making an Entourage movie apparently. No way I'll be watching that, unless they cast some hot men. With hot bodies. Then maybe I'll find a copy online.

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