Friday, September 16, 2011

Duh and/or Hello!

So I've been watching some episodes of the past season of the Bachelor and I've gotten up to the episode where they go on their hometown dates. Some of these women are incredibly overly-emotional, whiny and insecure. Most women that get eliminated cry during their exit interviews, even women that are eliminated during the first week! I mean come on, you barely know the guy! Granted these women are place in an uncomfortable, tense and unique dating situation. They're cut off from the world for the most part and most topics of conversation are the Bachelor. And because this guy is physically attractive and a good guy who actually talks about his emotions and is contractually prohibited from trying to get into your pants right away, so many women just build up this fantasy of who this guy is without getting to know him and fall in love with the fantasy and not the actual man he is. Constant boozing and being forced to live with a handful of passive-aggressive bitchy women definitely adds to the insanity. The filming of the entire season last only about a month and half, so most of these women only spend a couple of weeks with the guy. Granted you go on these amazing dates straight out of a movie or a dream which make it that much easier to get wrapped up in this fairytale like romance, but I would like to think a level-headed women would be able to keep her composure when a guy you've only know for a few weeks tells you it's not working out after a few weeks. Maybe level-headed women are not cast on this show. Or maybe all level-headedness goes out the window after that hot bod and those blue eyes.

And another thing, why is the Bachelor/Bachelorette always caucasian? Can we get some diversity on these shows? It'd make the show more interesting.

Moving onto the women in the house, WTF is up with Michelle? She has some funny moments but was generally just annoying. But so is the girl she has the rivalry with in the house, whatshername, Chantal. AND WOW! So is Ashley! What's is up with this girl? She definitely drank way too much on the show which probably led to her whining, insecurities, and making all those faces. Wow. I saw her season of the Bachelorette and she was actually a likeable girl. I mean aside from her crying on one of the episodes saying how one of her biggest fears was that the guys wouldn't be into her because they would have wanted Emily or one of the other girls. Ridiculous. Own you girl! Be proud of who you is! Her and her boo are totally adorable together so I guess it all worked out!

Michelle was completely different on the Bachelor Pad, too. I guess living with girls who're after the affection of the same guy you're interested is disastrous to your personality. I'm guessing the same personality turnover happened with Ali on her season of the Bachelorette, although I found her to be so irritating and bitchy on Jake's season, I saw no reason to watch her season of the Bachelorette. Bleh. I prefer annoying over bitchy any day.

It's no wonder Brad wound up choosing Emily. She doesn't cry about being insecure due to him having feelings for the other girls. Neither does the other Chantel (the one that kinda looks like Hilary Swank). They get it. They're understanding. I hope Chantel makes it to the final two. It would make watching the remaining episodes a lot easier. As if anyone's forcing me to watch this. Sometimes I annoy myself.

A different show that I've recently started watching is Archer. Hilarious so far. It has the charm of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with morons yelling hilarious and/or ignorant things most of the time. Plus Archer is hot, even though he is a cartoon, his body is hot! Plus Aisha Tyler is one of the voices on the show and she's awesome.

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