Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After Bachelor Pad's Season 2 Finale

Just to warn you, this post is all over the place. Still gotta get around to working on the blog's template.

Another group of reality series I've gotten into are the monstrous productions of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. I'd only seen Jake's season of the Bachelor, which was a tame and enjoyable reality dating show compared to other dating shows I'd seen like Flavor of Love and my personal favorite, I love New York. Oh my, I really did love New York. She was hilarious. Whatever happened to her? My internet's being a real POS otherwise I would've included some images of my fave diva. Whateva. Do a Google search. She used to rock this gorgeous olive eyeshadow. I'm gonna have to do some research and follow up on my girl. Getting back to the Bachelor, I actually liked Jake and Vienna, individually and as a couple. I never saw the reasons why the other girls bitched about Vienna. She seemed real to me. Then after the show, they broke up, disaster ensued in the media and then earlier this summer come to live under the same roof for our viewing pleasure in season 2 of the Bachelor Pad.

Honestly, they were the only reason I tuned in. Butttt, the male eye candy is the reason I kept watching. Especially William Holman. Hot DAYUM! I found him so attractive I went and searched for the season of the Bachelorette he was on. And I ended up watching the entire season, obvi. How could I resist all those grown men under one roof, ready for a serious relationship, suited up and sexified. Mm mm. Honestly, this may sound a little pathetic, but it just confirmed that there are decent guys out there, even though I've only been interacting with clowns lately. Back to William, a sexier Josh Lucas. Man was his exit interview so emotional and heartbreaking. Jeez. Emotions run high and heavy on these shows, and unlike the castmembers on Bravo, VH1 or MTV, I found the contestants on the Bachelorette to generally, be more mature (excluding Bentley but let's forget about that fool) so you really feel for these guys. Now I'm thinking about watching Brad's season of the Bachelor. From what I've seen, he seems like a hot guy with a hot bod. I'll watch nearly everything meeting that criteria. Why else do you think I watched Vampire Diaries for nearly two seasons? Sexy eyes Ian Somerhalder, that's why. Alas, the terrible acting on that show overcame my desire for him and I've moved on.

Hottie #2 from Bachelor Pad was Graham. Those blue eyes? Ooh wee. I did some snooping around on him and came across his clothing website, 46NYC. The icon for the site has the numbers 46 and then FOR SIX right underneath it. Why not FOUR SIX? Is there a reason for this or is it just a terrible typo? If you saw Bachelor Pad's season finale, you came to know that Michelle Money's father passed away from colon cancer. Now 46NYC has a t-shirt available created in remembrance of her father, with part of the proceeds going to a foundation created in his name. Which brings me to the reason behind this post, on the t-shirt page, there's a picture of Michelle. Check it out. Now it's sad that her father passed away, and good for her for starting a foundation for cancer research and all that, but am I the only one who finds this picture to be inappropriate? Not only are her accessories a mismatched disaster, why would she choose plunging neckline top that she would have to go braless for that also SHOWS HER NIPS? Kind of awkward =/ Basic photo retouching could've removed that, even I have those photo editing abilities. It just seems to be a strange choice of attire for this particular cause, and somewhat unlike what I've seen of her before. She was always well-dressed on the Bachelor Pad. Maybe she doesn't care. Good for her! It's definitely something many females are self-conscious about, so it popped out at me.

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