Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My eyes be deceiving me! No mo' Juicy Joe?

What's going on everybody? This is my first blog and even though I have terrible writing skills, I'll be pouring my thoughts onto here in an attempt to clear my mind and possibly even connect with others who share my shallow interests. Of course, I could just talk my friends' ears off but how much bitchin' can I expect my friends to take? I love reality TV, especially Bravo's Real Housewives series, pop culture, movies, TV, entertainment news.. you get the point. Anyway, what do you care? Time to move on to what really matters!

Anyone else catch the In Touch weekly from a few days ago with The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa and Joe Giudice on the cover? The magazine has pictures from their second wedding which I saw on one of my fave blogs, Reality Tea. I was browsing through the pictures and had to do a double take after seeing the shirtless picture of Juicy Joe. At first I thought, "Where'd that belly go? He's not so juicy no mo!" He's a walking ad for Skinny Italian. But on second glance, the photo seemed so obviously retouched. I mean you can see his pant's waistline sagging down. It just so bizarre. Why include the shirtless picture at all? Must be the same reasoning behind why Teresa's gotten so many cover stories for their magazine. America will read bs about anyone, especially if that person is completely cray-cray!

Side note: I wish we could see more of Tre and Joe's daughter, Gabriella. She is adorable and we haven't really seen much of her aside from her creepin in doorways when Milania's throwing tantrums. I guess she doesn't scream as much as the other kids.

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